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  • The process of getting to lv60 strength requires less time than the 75/80/90 attack which means you can begin playing PK faster RS Gold. Also, mauls are very affordable to replace in the event of the day of death. Strength purists can access the extremely powerful Berserk ability, however they will require some attack levels to be able to utilize certain of the most useful attack abilities available in EOC, and they are completely devoid of a specific attacking ability in Legacy.

    Defense levels are often neglected in the past, however in the eoc, the freedom ability is vital. Keep your range and mage at just half or less of the total of your strength + attack. Leaf is a great argument, but if dual Ascensions are superior to Nox and are worth about the same amount, there's no reason for you to not get them instead.

    If you don't plan to create warbands using the Nox in the near future however, that's making it more likely for disaster to occur. Sorry for the inconvenience, however, more experienced players are losing their bows and similar weapons because of accidents (forgetting the prayer's recharge, dropping it while in shock, etc.)) or because of users smiting. In addition, you'll be stuck hardcore in the midst of a flurry of welfare seekers hoping to triple their money, which increases chances of losing it, making warbands a total chore.

    Prior to the weekend before the bxp was announced, Nox Bow was a bit solid, with a value of 320M. Following the announcement, it started falling a lot RuneScape 2007 Gold, and eventually was able to fall to as low as 220M (if I recall correctly). Then it went back up to 300-320Mish.