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  • Created at Death Altar entombed in Temple of Light, it requires Runecrafting at the level of 65 and the creation of one pure essence. To have access Death Altar RS Gold, complete Mourning's End Part II (required skill levels: 70 Agility or above, 43 Prayer or greater). Death Altar is really far from any access point for banks and therefore it is advised to make use of the Abyss method. Once you've reached level 99 in Runecrafting. Two runes are created out of one essence.

    It's the hottest and also the most well-known rune this moment. It is neither easy to make or gain access to the altar it deserves. However, high turnout per hour is worth the risk. Level 99 of Skill Runecrafting and then complete the Dragon Slayer II quest (required level of skill 75 Magic, 70 Smithing, 64 Crafting, 68 Mining 60 Agility, Thieving 50 Construction 50 hitpoints).

    Although it is a challenge for itself, it's the real bummer - Wrath Altar is accessed via Myth's Guild by climbing down Mythic Statue and then running through caves filled with the chromatic dragons. It's worth it. On a side note - altar cannot be accessed through Abyss or the output can be increased.

    It will require Fletching proficiency level 70 as well as yew logs (Woodcutting skill level 60) to cut the longbow yew (u) (u) out them RS3 Gold, then bowstring (Crafting proficiency level of 10.) in order to tie the bow. Cutting the bow as well as stringing it yield Fletching experiences.