If they didn't keep runescape in line with its competitors

  • Sorry if I've asked you too many questions. How much are limpwurts? My friend has decided on farming should he decide to become a member RS3 Gold. Problem:He has rather lows stats and is poor. What can I do to help him to get seeds? (Presuming that we both become members)

    Do you think it is worthwhile to kill the giant mole? Are you able to offer any ideas for a fighter level? Do you know of any safespots in the region? Are the slayer zones (Slayer Tower in Canifis Dungeoun in Relekka multicombat) safespots? Are there safespots? I'm at level 72. Stats:Attack65 Strength:59 defence 52 Where can I train? Fair wages is the goal I seek. What's the value of red spider eggs?

    Each limp is available at a cost of 700-1000. Seeds are easy to acquire just by asking nicely of thieves, many drop seeds into Draynor or Ardougne and all you need to do is walk over and pick up the seeds up...it will not take too long to get good enough to start developing limps, and you could make some good cash this way if you cycle through patches all day long.

    Do not attempt to mole until your hundred or more. If you're part of a group who have tried it numerous times, they'll all say they can do this by themselves. There are a variety of safe spots in the slayer building. I go there often to get bloodveld. A chair is right next to the window Buy OSRS Fire Cape. This is a great spot for mage, range and halberd.