Lost Ark still faces a major problem - Autonomous bots

  • The publisher of Lost Ark, Amazon Games, has been taking new measures some time ago to solve the problem in the game, that is, bots are everywhere. They seriously affect the player's time into the game and the in-game economic balance, as these illegal accounts are producing large amounts of Lost Ark Gold on a daily basis. MMOWTS once released a related news on March 4, Amazon directly and permanently banned more than 1 million bot accounts on the same day. That number is unimaginable for any game. Of course, this also reflects how serious the bots problem is in Lost Ark. Apparently there are still many bots accounts that have not been accurately identified. By the way, if you need safe and legal Lost Ark Gold, MMOWTS is a good place to go where you can place an order to buy cheap Lost Ark Gold.

    Will my account get banned for buying Lost Ark Gold?

    A recent note by the publisher introducing the content of the update expresses their awakening to fix the problem. After the last wave of bans, the developers kept introducing new bans in order to continue to purge those bots that remained in the game. Plus, they're looking for ways to make it harder for bots to get into the Lost Ark Gold game, thereby slowing down the creation of bots. To this end, the development team has been working hard on new in-house methods and tools. Maybe you'll see them in Lost Ark in the near future.

    To counter the impact of bots about the Lost Ark in-game market, the rewards for a few quests are already changed from gold coins necessary for player-to-player transactions to silver NPCs primarily accustomed to pay for items and services. Rapport and Guidance jobs are affected by this modification.

    One reason Lost Ark's bot issues are significant is the fact that players on EU servers frequently have to wait in long queues to experience - it needs to be a pain to going online and after that seeing apparently hordes of bots flashing through the map with identical gear, Because they travel in one quest giver to an alternative.

    The developers said within the update that they're happy to share that queues in Europe are becoming more manageable. This is the consequence of many tweaks they've made behind the scenes, including (although not limited to) improving game stability. They know it will be a long road with the many players who refer to using servers in Central Europe, and they're going to continue to monitor the matter and improve wherever possible - while they mentioned above, to get rid of the bot ban.

    Other issues mentioned were recent improvements to your matchmaking system along with the addition of any filter that enables players to find the language to merely see in chat. You can mention the language filter by clicking the + sign to generate a new tab inside chat window.

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