You may get a better New World game itself instead of new conte

  • Amazon Games' MMORPG New World won't go to whichever major content releases in February, with all the team instead aiming to focus on delivering as much bug fixes as is possible.

    The news comes by way of a New World developer update video, during which different folks the New World Coins development team discuss a number of topics, starting from soon-to-be-added systems like mutators to be able to technical issues the c's is trying to address.

    New World has become crippled on multiple occasions due to varied bugs, including multiple cases of gold and item duplication exploits that triggered Amazon temporarily disabling the game's entire economy. While most of people issues have already been fixed quickly once discovered, you may still find a number of damage that is priorities for the group. In addition to fixes for several bugged quests, missing ingredients, along with other issues, the c's is also trying to improve server desync issues and making weapon swapping more reliable.

    Part of ironing out the majority of the game's technical issues means giving players added time on the game's public test realm--at least two and a half weeks--to try potential bug fixes and additional features, which experts claim gives the c's more time to answer player feedback.

    The update also touches on Amazon's intentions to merge various low population New World servers, plans that didn't go as smoothly as planned. A housing persistence bug caused a delay at the same time, but more merges will be planned before long. Once those merges are complete, characters will again be able to transfer servers.

    In relation to what players should expect in the long term, the dev update was light on details, but did reaffirm that the new weapon, the Blunderbuss, influences works. Other details range from the possibility of mutated expeditions visiting lower-level expeditions. The team also likes the thinking behind more small-scale PvP like matchmade arenas if not more casual versions of activities like Invasions or War, though no concrete plans were discussed. More dev-playthrough videos is going to be coming soon too. A previous video saw the dev team accepting the community's challenge to try and do the New World Coins Buy Myrkgard endgame zone, with many humorous results.

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