FIFA 22 - Guide of completing FUT Signature Signings Baku's obj

  • If you are a Ridle Baku fan, you must not miss the newly added rewards in the FIFA 22 Ultimate Team's objectives menu. After November 26th, you can get Ridle Baku's special card-85-rated Signature Signings version of Ridle Baku from VfL Wolfsburg by completing these objectives. This card is part of the Black Friday promotion Signature Signings, and it is also the player's first special card in FIFA 22. Ridle Baku's transfer this season was undoubtedly very successful. He had a very good chemical reaction with his FUT 22 Coins teammates in the first season after joining the new club, and he had a very good performance on the court. Compared with his gold card, the attributes of the signature card have been significantly improved.

    All of Baku's skills got upgraded, such as his Defending (+8), Passing (+7), Dribbling (+6), Pace (+6), Physical (+5), and Shooting (+5). If you apply the anchor chemistry style, it's going to further increase a lot of his skills, especially his Defending (+7) and Physical (+7).

    All of Signature Signings Baku's objectives could be completed in the Squad Battles or Rivals mode, based on what you prefer. There are four objectives overall and only one of these requires you to definitely win matches.

    Completing the objectives will reward you having a 75+ rated rare player pack, one gold pack, two players pack, as well as a small electrum players pack. You'll have until next Friday, Dec. 3 at 12pm CT to accomplish all objectives and find the card.

    Here include the four objectives you'll need to accomplish to earn Signature Signings Ridle Baku.
        Attacking Intent: Score 15 goals using Bundesliga players in Squad Battles on at the very least Professional (or Rivals) difficulty.
        Consistent Form: Score using German players in 11 separate Squad Battles matches on at the least Professional (or Rivals) difficulty.
        Brilliant Bundesliga: Win seven matches with at the very least six players from your Bundesliga with your starting squad in Squad Battles on at the least Professional (or Rivals) difficulty.
        Link Up Play: Assist seven Cheap FIFA 22 Coins goals using Defenders in Squad Battles matches on a minimum of Professional (or Rivals) difficulty.

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