FIFA 22 - It seems that EA Sports is using automatic banning sy

  • For those players who abuse the transfer market to trade FIFA 22 Coins, the developer EA Sports seems to have prepared an automatic system to prohibit them from entering the transfer market forever. Recently, Twitch streamer Castro1021 has been troubled by this system-his account has been permanently banned, which also makes players suspect how many accounts have been wrongly banned, and the FUT 22 Coins owners of these accounts may not take advantage of the loopholes in the game.
    Now, it's unclear whether or not the FIFA series runs by having an automated enforcement policy, but it really certainly looks this way. Let's take apple iphone 4 evidence.
    Think of the usb ports, Castro can be a massive Twitch streamer who plays – about – every hour of FIFA before an audience. That audience can also be over 3 million followers strong, hence the chances of him distributing coins is extremely unlikely as they would be caught rapidly.
    If a developer was handling it, there is no way they can rush into this sort of long suspension involving just what are really serious accusations.
    He spends a lot of money on purchasing FIFA Points once a week, which undoubtedly gets more eyes for the promo events. The real basis for the ban may just be the fact that he's purchasing FUT Champs Red Player Picks cards away from the market, for high prices. So, after for the situation and possible source of the suspension, Castro's actually performing a cleaning-up job even without the FUT market control.
    These cards will not be available to any player inside the game's economy, since they are earned through playing Weekend League matches and they are apparently untradeable. If EA features a problem with people picking them up and trading them, there should be an effective plan set up to ensure they are able to never be sold.
    Their strategy for FUT Transfer Market bans no longer has enough control. It needs Cheap FIFA 22 Coins to be taken care of because a great number of innocent players will be caught inside the trap.
    Numerous cases have surfaced in 2021, since FIFA 22 premiered on October 1, which show players being accused of coin distribution, FUT market trading over a large scale, and also other serious offenses in violation on the company's policies.
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