Protect and improve biodiversity performance by implementing IS

  • ISO 14001 Certification in Sri Lanka The survival of businesses in the long-term will hinges on the ecosystem services, different species, and also genes – that is, the biodiversity.  So, these many days, most of the businesses will consider the preservation and protection of the biodiversity to be one of the importance.  Implementing ISO 14001 in your organization can contribute to protecting and improving biodiversity.

    The introduction of the ISO 14001 “biodiversity” term

    ISO 14001 Registration in Sri Lanka Because the new revision of the standard had to address the future challenges, and that may loss of diversity is one of the primary ones, numerous references to the aspects of the biodiversity can be found in ISO 14001.

    ISO 14001 Certification cost in Sri Lanka Although there are not direct mandatory requirements related to biodiversity in ISO 14001, its importance has been enhanced in this new version and this is reflected in the text.  So, where exactly is the term “biodiversity” mentioned in ISO 14001?

    Business effects on biodiversity

    ISO 14001 Services in Sri Lanka Businesses activities can have major negative effects on the diversity, both direct and indirect.  Among the potential direct effects are the introduction of non-native species that can disrupt the original ecosystems, habitat an degradation by the use of land, or rain fall may runoff from disturbed land leading to pollution of streams.  When a company implements ISO 14001, those impacts are determined, as well as the significant environmental aspects and the capability of the carrying out the necessary actions to mitigate those direct negative impacts.

    ISO 14001 consultant in Sri Lanka On the other hand, some indirect effects include those caused by third parties such as suppliers during the production processes, as well as impacts resulting from the use or disposal of the business’s goods by final consumers.  In this sense, ISO 14001 requires providers to be selected according to certain criteria based on the protection of the environment and its biodiversity.

    ISO 14001 as a tool for biodiversity preservation

    ISO 14001 Consultant Services in Sri Lanka We can affirm that while businesses are a part of the problem, they can also be a part of the solution.  Significant efforts towards the preservation of biodiversity can be achieved by companies and industries in an effective and innovative way, and ISO 14001 can be the tool used for this purpose.

    The importance of communication

    ISO 14001 Consultancy in Sri Lanka Undoubtedly, there is an increasing the interest by consumers regarding biodiversity, which grows slowly but steadily.  In this regard, ISO 14001 establishes requirement’s is necessary for more effective communication.

    Our advice, Go for it
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