As spotted by MP1st and confirmed by VGC

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    Horizon Zero Dawn could be getting a significant upgrade due to a recent report that declares that "accessibility features as well as graphics modes and quality of life enhancements to the game itself" will ensure that Guerrilla Games' 2017 title at the same standard as its 2022 sequel Horizon Forbidden West.

    As spotted by MP1st and confirmed by VGC, the latest character models as well as animations, lighting, and models will be added along with an assortment of accessibility options, which is basically playing the role of both an original and a remaster as well. Some of these enhancements are available in this game's PC version of Horizon Zero Dawn that was launched in 2020, but the game largely used the same assets as the PS4 edition.

    As per the news report Guerrilla Games is also currently developing an Horizon multiplayer title on PS5 or PC. Co-op elements were in the works for Zero Dawn as far back as 2014 , according the VGC's sources, but they were dropped to ensure that other areas that the game would be focused on buy FIFA 23 Coins. This idea isn't entirely abandoned for the mainline game and it could be incorporated into Horizon 3.