With MVP Points in NBA 2K22 you can unlock the Penthouse and Zi

  • Several players have inquired about how to unlock the penthouse and zipline in NBA 2K22 using MVP points. Others have inquired about what MVP points are and what the MVP points accomplish in NBA 2K22. In fact, that's exactly what we'll be covering in this tutorial. Once you get the hang of it, the system is fairly straightforward. If, on the other hand, you're unfamiliar with the concept, you might find it difficult to grasp. So let's get started right away!

    What are MVP Points in NBA 2K22 and how do they work?
    MVP points in NBA 2K22 are a special kind of point that you can earn for almost anything you do in the game, including shooting threes. If you're wondering what MVP points are used for in NBA 2K22, they can be used to unlock the penthouse and zipline, among other features. Of course, in order to become the City MVP and earn those privileges, you must first amass a large number of MVP points. But how do you amass so many points? Basically, you can do anything. You can, for example, complete City quests and City MVP quests, as well as side and daily quests, in addition to other activities. You can also win NBA and City games, compete in the playoffs, appear on runways and in interviews, win Race of the Week, and be named rookie of the year or MVP of the season, to name a few accomplishments. The list is endless. When you select a quest or activity, it will display the number of MVP points you will receive for completing it. Everything else is secondary, which brings me to our next point.

    How to Get Access to the Penthouse and Zipline in NBA 2K22
    In order to gain access to the penthouse and zipline in NBA 2K22, you must amass a tidy one million MVP points in total. If you want to achieve this, you can use any of the methods we've described above: complete City quests and City MVP quests, participate in playoffs, win MVP of the season, rookie of the year, and so on. If you manage to accumulate one million dollars, you will be awarded a penthouse apartment in Parkside Lofts. When you arrive at the front door of the building, you will be presented with a choice of five options. To get into your penthouse, you must first pass through the first door. The other four, which are the names of the various city affiliations, take you directly to the zipline, which you can then use to descend to the area of the city that corresponds to the affiliation you selected. It's essentially a form of fast travel, in a way, but not quite.