The Hot Stamping Process can Improve the Aesthetics of the Pack

  • Hot stamping is a common process for packaging boxes factories. The application of hot stamping technology in the gift box packaging greatly improves the aesthetics of the products, and the products have achieved good results in gloss, three-dimensionality, metallicity, and anti-counterfeiting performance, especially in high-end printing products.

    If the hot stamping is carried out at the same time as the concave-convex process, we call this process three-dimensional hot stamping. Three-dimensional hot stamping is different from ordinary hot stamping. The three major factors of three-dimensional hot stamping are temperature, pressure and speed.

    Only by controlling the relationship between the three of packaging box printing can the quality of hot stamping be controlled. Proper hot stamping speed is also a guarantee for high-quality hot stamping results. Three-dimensional hot stamping requires that the electrochemical aluminum foil be transferred to the surface of the printed matter, but also uses huge pressure to press the three-dimensional embossed pattern on the hot stamping part. Therefore, the pressure is greater than ordinary hot stamping, which also requires the strength of the hot stamping foil to be better. Can withstand the squeeze of strong pressure. Three-dimensional hot stamping is to complete hot stamping and embossing at one time, which requires a higher temperature.

    Three-dimensional ironing generally has higher precision, which makes the packaging of the goods more exquisite and full of personality. In addition, three-dimensional hot stamping has been applied to gift box packaging of various products due to its obvious advantages such as well hot stamping quality and high precision, which greatly expands the performance capabilities of gift box packaging.

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