Precision Ball Bearings in History

  • Today, we use precision ball bearings for a variety of different things. Precision ball bearings help ensure a high degree of motion control and predictability. Ball bearings are the most common method of reducing friction. But this is not always the case. The precision ball bearings we see today have a very simple beginning. Yes, before miniature bearings, roller bearings, steel ball bearings and thrust bearings, they were just simple bearings. Old wooden rollers that support objects, such as the way precision bearings work. Some historians would say that the invention of the bearing may even predate the invention of the wheel. The longest history of bearings began with the Egyptians and how they used roller bearings.

    It is speculated that the Egyptians used these bearings in the form of sleds under tree trunks. The drawings made by these people are recorded in the tomb. In the tomb of the Twelfth Dynasty, 172 people used the load-bearing system to pull his alabaster statue. This is the oldest bearing record to date. A rolling bearing element was found on the Roman Nemi ship on Lake Nemi, Italy. Its history can be traced back to 40 AD, but it was not found to be a real ball bearing. The next record about the history of ball bearing development comes from world-renowned thinkers.

    Fast forward to 88 years, and the Italian engineer who designed the book wheel or reading wheel became the first engineer to publish sketches of modern roller bearings and thrust bearings. But Ramelli's efforts are not 100% correct, because some mistakes occurred in the process. However, later Galileo will be the model to restore this model to almost perfect.

    The Industrial Revolution followed, and various changes and patents were created during the development of precision ball bearings. The modern ball bearings we use today can be linked to each of these subtle but highly influential changes. We see a variety of different applications, including rotating components. Other examples include some of the aerospace bearings used in Mars Rover, gearboxes, wheel bearings on automobiles, and even dental drills that use ultra-high-speed bearings. It's amazing to see us over time. If history repeats itself, which is good, it may be more conducive to our demand for precision ball bearings.

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