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      Bearings are an important part of major industrial equipment. Bearing problems can cause

      Equipment shutdowns, damages and malfunctions make users pay a high price for this. in addition,

      Large industrial bearings also mean huge capital investment.

      In order to make the equipment run well and reduce possible maintenance costs, it is important

      It is to comply with the appropriate method of operation. This includes bearing storage, disassembly, cleaning, and inspection

      And installation.

      The service life of any bearing depends to a large extent on the attention to the bearing

      And maintenance. Especially when the operating conditions are bad, the load is heavy, and the pollution and

      In rusty industrial applications, the attention and maintenance of bearings is even more important.

      Operation and inspection procedures for different types of bearings can be found in the relevant chapters. This chapter

      Mainly describe the general operating procedures and methods of various rolling bearings.

      Bearing storage

      Bearings can be coated with a special corrosion-resistant coating, but most bearings are not made of corrosion-resistant

      Made of corrosive materials. When handling and storing bearings, care must be taken to ensure that they

      Will not rust or corrode. Even if a small amount of moisture or chemicals remains due to gloves or hands

      Staying on the unprotected bearing surface will also produce tiny corrosion areas, causing the shaft

      Bearing initial fatigue.

      The surface of the new and repaired bearing is coated with protective material, and use protective paper or

      The materials are wrapped and transported in wooden boxes. After receiving the bearing, it is ready to be installed and used

      Before, please do not take out the new or repaired bearing from the package.

      Do not put the bearing directly on the concrete floor where water can collect on the bearing surface

      superior. The bearing should be stored on a pallet or bracket, where the bearing will not be affected by

      High humidity or sudden temperature changes cause condensation to form.

      Be sure to put a greased oil between the roller of the tapered roller bearing and the raceway of the outer ring

      Paper, if there is no greased paper, put a plastic film on it.

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