Application Of Cca Wire


    Today's market is flooded with cheap imitations and second-hand goods posing as new products. From time to time we fall victim to these tricks to fool the industry. The most frustrating part is that retailers and distributors treat these imitations as original products. A unique diagram that we will discuss here is the diagram implemented in the Ethernet patch cord category (cat5e/cat6 patch cords).

    What is CCA wire ?
    CCA cable is the abbreviation for copper-clad aluminum cable. The conductor in the CCA wire is made of aluminum and then coated with copper. For manufacturers, this process is much cheaper, which means higher profits. Therefore, compared with peers that sell actual copper equivalent, it brings a lot of commercial benefits to suppliers. But as with all kinds of business propositions, one party is always hurt. Let's take a look at the impact of CCA cables on users and you as a buyer. What problems does it cause for people trying to build a network, whether for personal or commercial use?

    You as a buyer
    IEC and CENELEC have developed various standards for cables used in different types of networks, and the use of CCA wires in twisted-pair network cables is also prohibited. Therefore, any CCA wire transfer under the banner of such an organization will be rejected immediately. 3P is an organization that provides third-party testing. Cables involving industry standards also avoid the use of CCA wires in twisted-pair network cables. CCA cables can never meet their corresponding copper cables. Manufacturers and suppliers who provide CCA as CAT5e and CAT6 network cables must check the fact that they are conducting business in accordance with the Commodity Sales Law.

    What will you face?
    The CCA line will never be close to the original wiring, this is mainly due to the problems listed below:

    Aluminum and steel have much higher electrical resistance than copper. The use of CCA cables in Cat5e jumpers and CAT6 jumpers will cause a large amount of data loss and eventually slow down the data speed.
    The attenuation quality of CCA will be significantly higher than standard copper-based CAT5e or CAT6 patch cords, which in turn will cause more packet loss and data retransmission. This effect is especially common on longer cables with a maximum length of 100 meters or close to 100 meters. The combination of all these will once again cause the connection speed of CCA wired network users to be much slower.
    Although no substantive evidence can be given at present, due to lack of testing, the attenuation characteristics of CCA cables have provided various influences on the manufacture of CAT5e and CAT6 jumpers. This attenuation characteristic is common in equipment such as IP closed-circuit televisions, where electricity is continuously supplied through network cables every minute of the year. Theoretically, in this case, radiant heat will accumulate faster than the environment can dissipate heat. The accumulation of radiant heat can cause some serious consequences to electronic equipment.
    The tensile strength of aluminum is lower than that of copper. Therefore, when using CCA cables to make CAT5e or CAT 6 jumpers, it may cause some confusion and annoying situations. Due to its low tensile strength, CCA wire is easily broken due to tensile or shearing force. The bending radius of CCA wire is much worse than that of full copper wire. If the installer does not understand the fact that the CAT 5e or CAT6 jumper in question is composed of CCA wires, then tracking test failures can be a very time-consuming process.
    Although many importers have supplied a large number of these CCA jumpers (CAT5e/Cat6), there is no document to prove that they will not have the above problems in the future. Experts believe that these problems will become more and more obvious as organizations begin to upgrade their networks to gigabit or implement PoE.

    Get authentic CAT5e and CAT6 patch cords
    Therefore, as a customer, you should acknowledge these problems. Not everything is created equal. You must take the initiative to ask about the quality of the CAT5e or CAT6 jumper you bought. Remember, if it's cheap, it doesn't mean it will be better. Stay away from shady plans you might find on the Internet or in the newspapers. Always buy from real, long-term trusted and reliable buyers.

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