Is CCA wire What You Need?


    CCA wire use copper-plated aluminum conductors, which are cheaper than pure copper. IEC or CENELEC cable standards and 3P do not allow the use of CCA wires in twisted-pair network cables; an organization that provides third-party testing for cable manufacturers to ensure compliance with industry standards strongly recommends not to use CCA in twisted-pair network cables line. The use of CCA wires directly violates the CAT5e and CAT6 specifications that indicate the use of copper conductors.

    CCA has higher attenuation characteristics than pure copper cables, which will cause more data packets to be retransmitted when the physical layer is damaged or lost. This effect is especially common on long cable channels up to 100 meters or close to 100 meters, and will at most cause slower network speeds for most CCA twisted-pair users.

    In addition to the suboptimal electrical quality, the CCA line also caused many physical problems for the installer, ultimately leading to delays and additional costs. The tensile strength of CCA wire is lower than that of pure copper wire, so the cable may be damaged by pulling, causing the conductor or the entire cable to break. The CCA wire pair in twisted pair applications also has a smaller tolerance for bending radius.

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