Does CCA Wire Do A Better Job?

  • Copper-clad aluminum wire can look the same as other copper wire on the outside, since it’s essentially aluminum that is coated in a thin layer of copper. You need to see it head-on in order to see the aluminum in the center.

    It’s less expensive than a wire that’s made up entirely of copper such as OFC. It’s also lighter than pure copper wire.

    CCA wire does a better job of conducting electricity than a wire made entirely out of aluminum. The copper coating helps, but it’s still not as good as a pure copper wire. It’s also stronger than pure aluminum wire, but weaker than pure copper.

    CCA is essentially a big upgrade over plain aluminum wire, but it’s still a stepdown from OFC. Even for a budget car audio build, it’s recommended to save upand get pure copper wire instead of using CCA.

    aluminium Magnet wire is used in special fields because of its unique advantages.