Aluminium Magnet Wire Is As Well As Success

  • Both type and performance of magnet wire are quite varied. The following are the most important features of magnet wire:

    (a) Small and uniform insulation thickness;

    (b) Good electrical characteristics such as dielectric strength and insulation resistance;

    (c) Tough coating, resistant to external forces such as bending, stretching and friction;

    (d) Heat-resistance;

    (e) Resistant to solvents, chemicals and varnishes;

    (f) Resistant to hydrolytic degradation;

    (g) Stable when combined with insulating material;

    (h) Resistant to water and moisture;

    (i) Easy to use;

    It is difficult to provide all of these characteristics in one product. Each type of wire has its own advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, it is important to consider operating conditions in order to select the correct product.

    Application of aluminium Magnet wire :

    This product is suitable to lifting electromagnets, reactors and other low-voltages and high current electromagnetic windings

    1. Usage: This product is suitable for all kinds of motors, electrical appliances, electrical products, and the conductor of electromagnetic wire.
    2. Main technical property: This product have very good electrical conductivity and mechanical strength.
    3. Product range:   

    thickness a: 1.00--5.60mm

    Width b: 5.00--16.00mm

    1. Standard: GB/T5584.2-1985