Paper cup storage is also very good


    Nowadays, disposable paper cups have become our common utensils. The company has guests visiting, and the customization of disposable paper cups is a sign of decent and hygienic. The paper cup is not only used for these purposes, it can also be used like this:

    1. Gift bag

    The paper cup is squashed and then threaded with a rope. It can also be turned into a small gift bag with a few candies to give to children who come to the house as guests. It will definitely be popular.

    2. Lighting

    The humble disposable paper cup can also be used as a lighting decoration and hung on the decorative wall. It is beautiful and generous, making your living room more pleasing to the eye. You only need to prepare a number of paper cups, light strips, scissors, and beautiful cardboard. The method is very simple. Cut the cardboard into an arc. The cardboard wraps the periphery of the paper cup as a decoration. , And then opened a small opening at the bottom of the paper cup, put the purchased light strip in, hung it up and plugged it in, and hung it in the living room at will. The warm light gave the home a little more atmosphere.

    3. Storage

    In fact, paper cups can also be used for storage! Socks and panties are separated by cups one by one, and they are no longer afraid of being mixed together in piles. The drawers are messy, and the clips and buttons are installed separately.

    4. Pen holder

    After memorizing the notes, put the pen away in time, so that you can't find it every time you save it. The small spoon small tool seasoning bag in the cupboard can be opened with paper cups, which is actually very convenient for storage.

    5. Mobile phone speakers

    Sometimes when watching a video, I feel that the sound of the mobile phone is too small, and it is not loud enough when it is loud. At this time, you can use a paper cup to make a mobile phone speaker! The method is also super simple, you only need to find two paper cups and a toilet paper roll, and you can use it as waste.

    Use your mobile phone to compare the size of the base on the cylinder, and then use a knife to compare the drawn circle to draw a square opening for the mobile phone. A round hole is cut in both paper cups to fit the paper tube. A size that can be inserted, and then put paper cups on both ends of the paper tube.

    Then use glue to stabilize the gap between the paper tube and the paper cup, and then use glue to stabilize the gap between the paper tube and the paper cup. If you want to watch the video on the phone sideways, do it as follows, and save a little The paper cup.

    6.Grow flowers

    Who said that you must buy flower pots to grow flowers? You see, people still stick paper cups directly on the board and plant them upright! If you think the appearance of the paper cup is too ordinary, wrap it in a piece of newspaper and decorate it. The beauty will surprise you.

    7. Divide snacks

    The small pre-dinner treats at home, it is better to put a large plate in a separate cup, which not only looks good, but also allows guests to enjoy the height of the buffet at your home.

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