It's time to start using environmentally friendly products


    The most common paper packaging container in life must be paper cups. At present, the international community is paying more and more attention to environmental protection. On November 4, 2020, the Paris Agreement will make further arrangements for global actions to address climate change. The contracting states have accelerated their actions from "limiting plastics" to "banning plastics." "Paper substitutes for plastic" will become the main alternative for the replacement and upgrading of disposable products.

    Under the new trend of "replacing plastic with paper", many manufacturers and enterprises have launched more environmentally friendly, recyclable green paper cups.

    On the other hand, the straws also need to be upgraded. In the past, most of the straws were plastic products, which were difficult to degrade and recycle, and the recycling process could not be recyclable. Our Compostable PLA Straws and Paper Straws solve this problem well.

    We are professional service-oriented compostable PLA straws manufacturers. Compostable PLA straws and paper straws are of high-quality and high security and have already been sold to many countries and regions. If you want to purchase related products, you can contact us.