Bagasse food containers are environmentally friendly and recycl


    Bagasse food containers are made from the dry fiber residue left after the juice is squeezed from sugarcane. Like their takeaway boxes, these dishes and bowls are pressed into shape during high heat and high pressure.

    The result is an economical and sturdy choice of tableware that is stronger than paper plates or bowls, can hold hot, wet, or oily food, and can be composted after use. It is used to hold food, not to store it.

    As a professional manufacturer and factory of Bagasse Food Containers, Pando's main products include environmentally friendly pulp tableware, environmentally friendly paper bowls, environmentally friendly paper plates, environmentally friendly paper plates, and environmentally friendly pulp molded products.

    Product advantages of bagasse food containers:

    After the mold high temperature and high pressure of 200 degrees Celsius, the product is sterilized by ultraviolet light, safe and hygienic, in line with the US FDA standard.

    can adapt to the temperature of the microwave oven, no toxins are produced during the heating process.

    can be used in the refrigerator or cold storage to help keep food fresh.

    can withstand 100 degrees Celsius hot water and 120 degrees Celsius hot oil.

    has recycling value, recycled paper.

    Naturally degraded and turned into organic fertilizer.

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