Paper cups are widely used in the food industry


    At this stage, the milk tea paper cup printing company vigorously develops new inks that meet environmental protection applications. Water-based ink is a nationally recognized environmentally friendly paper cup printing material. Because water is a polar substance, according to the personality of polar materials and polar bodies, water-based inks do not contain or contain a small number of organic solvents. Therefore, water-based inks are the largest The characteristic is to reduce VOC emissions, thereby avoiding the pollution of volatile inorganic substances, improving the printing work, and benefiting human health.

    Nowadays, people's pursuit of the spiritual world is getting higher and higher. Many young people drink a cup of milk tea after drinking tea in their leisure time to make their lives more exquisite and exciting. Therefore, there are various milk tea shops on the street. The milk tea produced is very special. It needs to be matched with some specific milk teacups. Because the grade of milk tea is not only reflected in the taste of milk tea, but also in its packaging.

    Since most of the milk teacups are made of paper, they are not afraid of breaking. The paper is also easy to sort during later recycling, transportation is more convenient and fast, and it takes up less space. But if it is made of glass, transportation will be very troublesome, the transportation cost will be higher, and there are certain safety problems in the use process. If the glass is disposable, it is even less cost-effective, and the cost will be much higher than using paper cups.

    Although paper cups have brought a lot of convenience to our lives, the paper is made of wood. We need to cut down a lot of trees in the production process, the ecosystem will be affected, and the living environment will also be affected. In the living environment, the reduction of trees will frequently cause natural disasters and affect people's lives.

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