The material of the bagasse paper bowl


    Our bagasse bowls are made of high-quality bagasse paper materials, PLA coated to prevent leakage. Bagasse paper bowls are good for the environment, 100% biodegradable or decomposable, and do not contain plastic or wood materials. These soup bowls can be used to hold oily or soupy foods. We can also customize products according to your size, material, and printing.

    Material: 280 grams of bagasse paper

    Specification: upper diameter 115 mm * lower diameter 91.40 mm * height 78 mm

    Number of pieces/box: 500 pieces

    Quality: Conform to FDA and EU guidelines for food use.

    Color: There are two colors to choose from: white and natural.

    Features: oil-proof, environmentally friendly, biodegradable

    Uses: soup, fruit salad, pasta, noodles, rice, curry, yogurt, sweets, etc.

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