Why do people become accustomed to using paper cups?


    With the improvement of people’s living standards and the enhancement of hygienic habits, plastic free paper cups have been used in all kinds of family dinners, office receptions, catering industry and other places for their convenience, low cost, simple manufacturing, simple and hygienic characteristics. Wide range of applications.

    Disposable paper cups are paper containers made from wood pulp into base paper and then processed. There are generally two types of coatings on the inner wall of the paper cups, one is waxed paper cups, and the other is PE coated paper cups.

    Waxed paper cups are coated with a layer of wax on the inner wall of the paper cup to isolate the food or drinking water inside the paper cup from direct contact with the paper container. It is now generally used as a cold drink cup.

    The PE paper cup is covered with a layer of coating film on the inner wall of the paper cup, which is very smooth and can play a role in waterproof and oil-proof. PE is polyethylene, and polyethylene is the safest chemical substance in food processing, which is what we often call plastic.

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