Description of Room Spray

  • Room sprays are the most direct and short-lived of household perfume products. You can spray it quickly to change the atmosphere of the room. They are instant scents, as long as they stay in the candle or diffuser, the scent will not linger, but emit a strong fragrance. To make the room immediately fresh, but when you need to cover unnecessary cooking or pet smells, they can also come in handy. They are very convenient!

    The indoor spray can have an instant fragrance feeling with just one spray. It is very suitable for people who like to see results in a short time, or for specific spaces and objects, such as toilet fragrance spray, pillow spray, etc.

    Spray 2-3 times in the air to allow the fragrance to diffuse naturally to other corners of the room. The holding time depends on the fragrance spray, about 1-2 hours. If the space is large, you can decide the number of times by yourself. Compared with the taste, the taste comes quickly ~ it goes quickly. It is suitable for people who like to have a full fragrance immediately, and are relatively insensitive to a light fragrance.

    Mainly used to eliminate peculiar smells in indoor space. As long as there is an unpleasant smell in the room, you can use the fragrance spray as first aid! For example, the smell of oily smoke in the kitchen, the musty smell of the toilet or the inside of the car, etc., press the space to be used 2~3 times, It can be improved immediately, so the toilet sprays just mentioned is a classic example and the most easily encountered situation. It’s more important to note that when buying indoor fragrance sprays, you must look for sprays with deodorizing functions. Don’t use fragrances to cover the odor. After using it, you know that the difference is really great, but the deodorizing ability also depends on the product.

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