Path of Exile solves the biggest problem with Vulkan update

  • Two weeks before the start of the new league, "Grinding Gear Games" provided a huge update for Path of Exile. Action RPG now supports the Vulkan graphical interface. According to preliminary tests, this has brought significant improvements to the regular fps drop and performance fluctuations. Compared to the update, what is more closely related to the player itself is that in the game, players need to increase their strength through POE Currency, and like these POE Currency, POE Exalted Orb and other items are difficult to accumulate in the game, so players can Buy POE Currency on IGGM can improve your game experience.

    In a detailed forum post, the developer explained how the new Vulkan API ensures significantly more consistent performance than the DirectX 11 renderer: "In recent years, we have increased the number of multi-threads used by the Path of Exile engine, which allows us to Make better use of modern CPUs with multiple threads. The emergence of shaders is due to our use of a dynamic shader system-often uploading the entire game, if it occurs, it can currently put the entire game on hold. In our DirectX11 backend In, shader uploads are done in background threads, but AMD / Nvidia / Intel will process them before the GPU uses them. This happens in its own thread, which may cause excessive CPU usage. In this case, the driver processing seems to be in the main thread, which causes a delay. This rendering API also allows you to perform all operations in the function calls that we have full control, so we can completely avoid these uncontrollable DirectX11 graphics drivers Blocked. "

    Vulkan solves these problems. The average refresh rate of the streamer will not increase significantly, but the problems mentioned no longer occur-this is more important than a few frames per second to avoid sudden death in the game. Other players also reported that after switching from DirectX 11 to Vulkan, their performance has improved significantly. Therefore, the Vulkan API seems to solve the biggest problem of Path of Exile, which has puzzled gamers for many years.

    Not only do they annoy the characters, but they often kill people, so far players have had to solve these problems themselves. Many people lowered the resolution, made the texture worse, and even completely disabled the sound of the game. It can indeed be improved, but the problem cannot be completely solved. Although it will reduce the player's game experience at one point, it does not affect players' expectations of Path of Exile 2. During the waiting period, all players can do is to accumulate enough POE Chaos Orb to prepare for the new version.