Check out the Rams' new uniform in "Madden"

  • The Los Angeles Rams will wear their redesigned uniforms at the end of the tunnel at SoFi Stadium later this year. These uniforms will be posted on Twitter on Wednesday. If you do n’t see them on the spot or in person, it ’s hard to have a good impression of the appearance of the uniform. In madden, different uniforms will enhance the player's gaming experience. Players can Buy MUT 20 Coins on GameMS to exchange these items, and the transaction process is simple and fast.

    It will take a few months to see the players wearing their costumes on Sunday, but EA Sports helps fans visualize their uniforms through new videos shared by the Rams.

    It shows the royal and bone uniforms used in "Breakthrough", giving gamers a glimpse of how they will look in the next round of football franchise.

    You can see the details of the jersey in the video, such as the patch on the chest, the curves on the numbers and the metal helmet. According to the video, it can be clearly seen that blue and yellow uniforms are by far the best.

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