Path Of Exile: The 5 Worst Leagues

  • 5 Worst: Bestiary
    Players can find extremely tough rare monsters with powerful modifiers. When the enemy's health drops, players can capture it and store it in a new location called The Menagerie. There, players can perform bloody rituals to make modifiers or new items. Its depth is incredible, but it must manage more than twelve layers of nets, and the probability of accidentally killing Bestiary monsters is low. It was only after Bestiary returned with the overhauled Master NPC that he became more interesting. By the way, if you buy POE Currency, it will be easier to defeat the rare monster and successfully capture it.
    4 Worst: Onslaught
    Onslaught is a simple hardcore league that increases everything by 20%. Some new "unique" items have been added, but no new game-changing mechanism has been included. Although this is one of the first challenge alliances on the road to exile, to a certain extent, it lacks content. In short, this is a boring league, you can easily run the soft-core anarchy league with "Onslaught" at the same time.
    3 Worst: Torment
    The Torment Alliance sees ghosts that may have enemies and provides them with powerful modifiers to make them more challenging. Of course, killing the enemies you own will get more loot such as POE Orbs. In theory, this sounds solid, but in this alliance, the soul of torment is difficult to manipulate. New ghosts and possessed targets also lack loot drops, making many people skip the alliance altogether.
    2 Worst: Invasion
    Many people feel frustrated with the Delirium and Metamorph alliances of hardcore characters, but no one can match Invasion's injustice. Invasion is a hardcore alliance that spawns monsters from any part of the game. You may have participated in the first act and battled the leader in the endgame map, resulting in an unjust death. This is the only time a developer has rolled back a hardcore character due to an unfair death of the player. The great Ambush alliance that keeps pace with Invasion is its only saving grace.
    1 Worst: Talisman
    Talisman is a very unpopular league. Players need to use extra tags to record thousands of unlocked amulets. At the same time, the enemy also possesses amulets with powerful attributes in the game. Players capture it and they get a talisman. In addition, in this league, the progress of the game is relatively slow, causing many players to stop the game in the middle. Fortunately, there are many forms of alliances. Players can choose according to their own preferences. During the game, if they encounter more difficult levels, they can enter IGGM to Buy POE Currency to make customs clearance easier.