Madden's Wish List: 10 Suggested Changes to Madden 21 (Part 1)

  • Players have high hopes for Madden's improved graphics and updated rosters every year. But each game also provides new features and game modes, which make it more unique than previous games. Players can also use the power of MUT 21 Coins to better experience the new game mode. This year’s version will definitely bring a lot of new surprises to fans, so here are 10 recommended changes for Madden 21:

    1. More Redskins players with Superstar X-factors.

    When the game was released in August, only three Redskins players-Ryan Kerrigan, Landon Collins and Trent Williams-had an X factor. Collins has the Enforcer ability. When hitting the rack, the tackle is not allowed to break; Kerrigan has the "attained elite" ability, which allows the defender to overcome obstacles to deal with or dismiss the ball carrier; Williams has an edge protector The function can reduce the victory rate of the charge team to the pass. Terry McLaurin is the leader of the team leader, he should also have at least one X factor ability.

    2. Chase Young is the most defensive rookie in the game.

    The Redskins chose the best player in the 2020 draft when they picked Chase Young in the No. 2 pick. Many people call him a generational talent, defensive coordinator Jack Del Rio said that Yang has the most complete toolbox he has seen from the draft. Young is the third player to be selected as the Ohio State winger in the past four years, and the Madden team scored the rookie season for Buckeyes Nick and Joey Bosa, the former Buckeyes. Nick Bosa scored 78 points when he released "Blast 20" last year, and Joey Bosa tied Ezekiel Elliott for the highest level in the league at level 84 in Buzz 17.

    3. More job options under the "Franchise Mode".

    One obvious disadvantage of the franchise face is that players can only be quarterbacks, and quarterbacks are the most important positions in the field and the entire team, so this arrangement is reasonable to a certain extent. But quarterbacks are not everyone's favorite players.

    You can choose to create characters in other locations to provide more diversity. Even the defensive end will bring a new dimension to this mode and allow players to watch the game in different ways. This is not true for all positions. For an offensive winger, it may not translate well. Nonetheless, offering options for other positions will allow players to look beyond the quarterback.

    4. New functions of franchise mode.

    The franchise model is not a new feature of Madden. It has been the backbone of the game for many years, and it may not change in the near future. However, it can make some changes to make it more fresh, that is, reconnaissance and the addition of assistant coaches.

    If EA Sports wants to provide players with a true sense of building an NFL roster, adding some of these features will greatly help achieve this goal. In this way, people can make wise decisions based on their own circumstances to decide which players to select and bring a more immersive feeling to the game.

    The same can be said of adding an assistant coach. The previous Madden game only allowed players to change the head coach and coordinator, but people can really train full employees by choosing assistants. Perhaps they will bring certain benefits, such as increasing the awareness of the quarterback or running speed. Either way, adding one of these features to the franchise mode will add more authenticity to the entire game.

    5. Street style game mode.

    People who became gamers in the mid-2000s may remember the popular NFL Street game, which debuted in 2004. The basic rules of the game are the same as Madden, but in the 7 on 7 game, players wear street clothes instead of uniforms, and players can earn style points by jumping walls or taunting other teams.

    Some of these features may exist in Madden 21's game mode. The latest versions of NBA Live and FIFA already have a street game mode where players can travel to different venues and wear street clothes, so this idea is not an exaggeration.

    Madden 20 introduces the Superstar KO game mode, which is essentially a simplified version of the regular game, allowing gamers to pair players from different teams with franchisees. The streetball version of the game can be integrated into Superstar KO, and players can draft offense and defense for a 7-to-7 confrontation. It can even change style points for jokes, felling or spectacular catches.

    NFL Street is unlikely to restart, but if you add some features, it may make the latest Madden game look new. No matter what new version you are about to use, you should Buy MUT Coins to a certain amount to prepare for the new version.