Madden 20 Journey 4 strongest opponent

  • The new "Madden 20 Journey 4 Greatest Competitor" is the fourth and final part of the "Journey" series. It has two different sets of tasks. One is called "origin of competition" and is worth a total of 19,000 coins. The other is a national opponent with a total value of 4,750 Madden 21 Coins.

    Each mission involves different competitions, such as the Rams vs. 49ers, the Bears vs. Packers, and the Steelers vs. Patriots. In the task, you will have a unique goal, such as scoring a touchdown. There is an additional goal, such as "sack". You can win a total of four stars for each mission, and each star can win a certain number of coins. During the process of accumulating Stars, you will receive special rewards. Here are all the rewards, including where you will get David Johnson Master items.

        15 stars-Level 1-Gold Player Pack
        30 stars-Tier 2-Gold Player Pack
        75 stars – Tier 3 – Grill Player Pack
        125 stars-level 4-David Johnson main item
        160 stars-5 levels-1,000 gold coins
        200 Stars-Level 6-Gold Player Pack + Journey Completion Token

    How to get free gold ticket players
    In the past few months, players of "Crazy 20 Golden Tickets" have been launching. They chose upgraded player items based on the fans who won the gold ticket. Some of the players we have seen include Michael Vick, Calvin Johnson, Jalen Ramsey, Lamar Jackson and Bo Jackson.

    With Madden 20 Journey 4 Greatest Rivals, gamers can accumulate Stars to get various rewards. To complete all goals and earn 200 stars, you can Buy MUT Coins, with the help of which you will get a gold player gift pack and journey completion token.