Instrumentation solutions that encounter mechanical vibration

  •   A large number of studies have shown that vibration is the main cause of shock-proof pressure gauge failures in manufacturing facilities. Vibration negatively affects meter accuracy in two ways. First, when the shock-proof pressure gauge vibrates, it is difficult to read the pointer on the shock-proof pressure gauge. Secondly, the gradual damage to the pointer mechanism by vibration will eventually cause the pointer to deviate from zero, resulting in inaccurate readings.

      Clear signs of mechanical vibration

      Worn pinions and sector gears cause metal shavings/dust in the instrument window, such as a halo

      If the vibration is severe, separate the pointer

      Risks from mechanical vibration

      Wear of internal components

      Loss of accuracy/function

      Pressure system failure

      Instrumentation solutions that encounter mechanical vibration

      In most cases, liquid-filled housing is the most convenient and cost-effective way to protect the shock-proof pressure gauge from vibration. The glycerin or silicone oil case filling acts as a damper to slow down movement. It can also lubricate pinions and sector gears, thereby reducing wear and extending the life of the instrument.

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