Metal Jacketed Gaskets are available in a variety of shapes and

  •   Metal Jacketed Gaskets consist of a thin metal shell with elastic filling material inside. The gasket metal shell protects the elastic packing and can resist pressure, temperature, and corrosion. Metal Jacketed Gaskets are handmade, with a variety of shapes and sizes to choose from, and a variety of metals and fillers to choose from. Internal ribs can be provided in any configuration. These Metal Jacketed Gaskets are widely used in heat exchanger applications, but require a good and uniform flange surface and high bolt load to achieve sealing.

      Metal Jacketed Gaskets have a surface, and the outer and inner diameters are covered by a metal jacket. Suitable for narrow flange widths in low-pressure valve/pump applications.

      Metal Jacketed Gaskets are completely enclosed by a two-piece metal jacket, covering the outer diameter, inner diameter, and two sealing surfaces. Widely used in heat exchanger applications, suitable for corrosive and high-temperature applications.

      The internal reinforcement (via the partition) can be one-piece or welded because, in both types, the main seal is safely maintained.

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