Metal Jacketed Gaskets can be made with a variety of metals and

  •   Metal Jacketed Gaskets

      The most basic type of Metal Jacketed Gaskets has a compressible insert enclosed in a metal jacket. The soft insert material forces the metal to deform to fit the flange surface and achieve a seal. Metal Jacketed Gaskets can be manufactured with a variety of metals and high-temperature fillers.

      Metal Jacketed Gaskets consist of a metal shell and metal or non-metal compressed fiber packing. The filler material gives the gasket elasticity, while the metal sheath protects the filler and resists pressure, temperature, and corrosion.

      Metal Jacketed Gaskets are usually used because their efficiency is compensated in the case of flange defects or incorrect alignment, sealing performance is required, and it can withstand a bite pressure of 20% to 30% of its original strength.

      Metal Jacketed Gaskets are ideal for the sealing surfaces of heat exchangers, valve covers, gas lines, vacuum tubes, cast iron flanges, autoclaves, boilers, and complexes for liquid level indication.

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