According to the material type and structure used, gaskets can

  •   Metal Jacketed Gaskets are a mechanical seal that suppresses leakage by filling the gaps between static mating surfaces. When the gasket deforms due to compressive force, it conforms to the contours of the surface and fills the gap between its crests and troughs.

      According to the material type and structure used, gaskets can be divided into three categories: non-metallic, semi-metallic and metallic gaskets.

      Non-metallic gaskets are either made of homogeneous materials, such as flexible graphite sheets and pure polytetrafluoroethylene or made of composite materials of fibers and particles embedded in elastomer resin. These types of gaskets are suitable for medium and low-pressure applications.

      A Semi-metal gasket is a composite material of metal and non-metal materials. Metal parts provide structural strength and higher toughness, while non-metal parts provide enhanced sealing.

      Metal Jacketed Gaskets are used for extremely high pressure and temperature applications.

      When choosing a gasket, it is important to evaluate the pressure, temperature, and chemical properties of the process fluid. For non-metallic gaskets, please pay attention to the thickness. Thinner gaskets with the same rating have better sealing performance.

      Incorrect compression, overheating, repeated use of gaskets, and chemical attack are the most common causes of gasket failure.

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