Kammprofile Gaskets- made of metal and metal alloy

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      The working principle of the gasket is very simple: the gasket is located in the space between the two parts, forming a pressure-resistant seal, and does not allow any leakage in or out of the parts they seal.

      Washers are unique because they allow mating surfaces that are not perfectly matched. They are allowed because they fill the gaps between them, regardless of their shape.

      Types of

      Different types of seals are used to keep joints or compartments from leaking. Some of the most common types include O-rings, head gaskets, spiral wound gaskets, flange gaskets, and gaskets. Other washers are dedicated to specific applications. For example, exhaust gaskets are used only for exhaust management purposes. Likewise, high-temperature gaskets are designed to work at extremely high temperatures. Others are classified by production materials. Examples of these include rubber washers, plastic washers, metal washers, solid washers, jacket washers, and silicone washers.

      Kammprofile Gaskets-Made of metals and metal alloys, metal gaskets are considered ideal for high-pressure or high-temperature area processes. Some of the most common metals and ores used for gaskets are aluminum, stainless steel, brass, copper, and nickel. These are some of the strongest materials, they have excellent heat, pressure, and corrosion resistance. In addition, they have excellent durability and flexibility; making them a suitable choice for forming mechanical seals

      Custom Rubber Gaskets is also our product, welcome to consult and purchase.