Spiral Wound Gaskets continues to innovate by developing world-

  •   Spiral Wound Gaskets is driven by the industry's demand for safe and effective sealing solutions, and Spiral Wound Gaskets was born.

      Spiral Wound Gaskets of Metal Jacketed Gaskets Manufacturers continue to innovate by developing world-leading materials. Usually used as a filling material to provide resistance to temperature, chemical attack, and corrosion. Through precision engineering, spiral wound gaskets can provide unlimited quantities of high-quality metals and materials, which can be tailored to the requirements of each application.

      It is globally recognized to provide excellent sealing performance under the most demanding conditions. Its flexibility and resilience enable it to have a unique ability to deal with the effects of high pressure, wide temperature fluctuations, and bolt slack. Spiral Wound Gaskets are widely used worldwide, from small-diameter turbine gaskets to HP heat exchangers.

      Spiral Wound Gaskets product range

      Standard gaskets-applicable to a series of international standards, including ASME / EN

      Low stress sealing element

      Heat exchanger

      Carrying ring


      Application-specific design

      Advantages of Spiral Wound Gaskets

      24/7 production capacity that can meet special requirements

      Large stock of standard gaskets

      Supplied flexibly combined and combined gaskets that use internal and/or external guide rings.

      A wide range of mechanical equipment allows us to manufacture gaskets of any size

      Spiral Wound Gaskets For Sale is also our product, welcome to consult and purchase.