Working Range Of Ring Joint Gaskets

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      The ring joint gaskets produced by the Ring Joint Gaskets Manufacturer are made of metal materials and comply with the American standard ASME B 16.20 and API specifications. Detailed monitoring of each manufacturing step ensures that the sealing ring provides the necessary surface hardness. This can form a functional seal without damaging the flange. For example, this type of gasket has been successfully used in downstream refineries. Gaskets are also commonly used in high-pressure valves and related pipe connections and pressure vessel joints.


      Metal-to-metal contact produces a reliable seal

      Suitable for extreme pressure and temperature requirements

      Certified quality (including surface hardness)

      The scope of work

      The pressure and temperature depend on the combination of materials used.

      Chemical resistance: Corrosion resistance depends on the selected ring material.


      Non-Asbestos Gaskets Factory RTJ washers are standard configurations of soft metal and 304, 316, and stainless steel. Other material versions can be provided upon request.


      Standards and approvals

      All RTJ washers are manufactured in accordance with API standards to ensure stable quality.

      Industry field

      Oil and gas industry, petrochemical industry, flange connection, pipeline connection

      Function Description

      Under the axial compression load, the ring joint plastically deforms and flows into the irregularities of the flange groove. Since the contact area of ​​the ring joint is relatively small, a high compressive load is generated between the sealing surface of the ring joint and the flange groove. Especially with the RX and BX RTJ variants, the surface pressure will be further increased. Both models are capable of sealing extremely high internal pressures. RTJ washers are made of metal, so even if the surface pressure is relaxed, they remain compressed. The sealing function of the RTJ gasket is enhanced by the axial force acting on the sealing surface.

      Supply form

      Standard size conforms to DIN EN 12560-5 or ASME B16.20

      RTJ gaskets are available in sizes from ½" to 36" and 15 mm to 900 mm. They are available from stock and fit most ASME and DIN flange sizes. We can provide orders for larger sizes and special requirements.