Spiral Wound Gaskets Can Be Used In Any Industry Where The Gask

  •   Benefits of Spiral Wound Gaskets For Sale

      Spiral wound gaskets may be the right solution for your application. Some benefits include:

      They play a role in filling, sealing, preventing leakage, installing, preventing contamination, and reducing or minimizing vibration

      Works well under high pressure, high temperature, and corrosive environment

      Compared with solid washers, less clamping force is required

      Due to their herringbone-like profile, they provide spring-like fillings, making them suitable for many different working environments

      Reliable and robust to prevent gear failure and subsequent unexpected and expensive downtime

      Outer metal ring simplifies assembly and prevents bursting

      The inner ring prevents the radial flow of the soft filter and reduces turbulence, thereby minimizing flow resistance

      The center ring provides additional strength to prevent the gasket from bursting, overloading, and excessive compression

      Application of spiral wound gasket

      The initial application of spiral wound gaskets was to meet the harsh conditions of refinery operations at the beginning of the 20th century. Because of their ability to cope with high pressures, extreme temperatures, and chemical corrosion, they are still used in the oil, gas, and petrochemical industries today.

      Metal Jacketed Gaskets Manufacturers spiral wound gaskets can be used in any industry that requires gaskets to be placed in pumps and pipes, valves, heat exchangers, and other equipment. These industries include:

      Natural gas and petrochemical

      Chemical production

      Power generation



      Any industry with high pressure and high-temperature applications