What Is Flange Insulation Gasket Kit

  •   The Flange Insulation Gasket Kit protects flange joints from static current corrosion (by preventing metal contact between flanges, studs, and gaskets). The flange insulation kit includes a washer for each nut, a full-length insulating sleeve for each bolt, a washer (F, E, D, O type), and a thick plated steel washer for each nut.

      What is a flange isolation kit?

      The purpose of the Flange Insulation Gasket Kit is to prevent (electrolytic) corrosion of flanges and flange joints, which can cause the static current in the piping system.

      The spacer kit includes a special spacer, spacer sleeve for all studs and nuts, and special washers. These components are made of special materials with appropriate chemical stability, low water absorption, and dielectric properties.

      Even though Flange Insulation Gasket Kits are inexpensive accessories, they can also extend the service life of pipes and flange joints. Generally, the maximum length of the insulation kit is 24 inches, but higher nominal sizes can be manufactured if required.

      The dielectric flange isolation kit is suitable for all sizes and grades of ASME B16.5, B.1647, API flanges, from 1/2 to 80 inches.

      Flange isolation kit type

      Kammprofile Gaskets Suppliers has four main types of gasket isolation kits, denoted as F, E, D, and O. Each type of flange kit is suitable for flanges with specific faces (RF, FF, RTJ).

      Flange kit "F" (ring gasket)

      F-type isolation washer (ring) is suitable for raised face flange (RF). The outer diameter of the F-type gasket is smaller than the flange end face.

      A special protective device can be added at the flange connection to further strengthen the cathodic isolation produced by the flange isolation kit (otherwise foreign matter may accumulate).

      The F-type gasket is made of a 1/8 inch thick fabric-based phenolic sheet, which is uncoated on both sides and is not coated with nitrile rubber. The F-type gasket can also be made of non-asbestos fiber, which has a high isolation ability.

      E-type flange insulation kit (full face)

      The outer diameter of the "E" type gaskets (full-face type) matches the diameter of the flange, that is, they cover the entire surface area of ​​the flange.

      This design helps keep foreign objects out of the flange joints and enhances the isolation performance of the kit. E-type flange insulation kit can provide phenolic, neoprene surface phenolic, and high-temperature materials.

      D-type flange insulation kit (API ring joint gasket)

      The "D" type isolating gaskets are suitable for the flanges of the ring joint face because they fit the ring joint grooves of RTJ flanges (R, RX, and BX types). Type D gaskets are available in phenolic grade. This gasket is also called the "API ring joint".

      O type flange insulation sleeve

      O-rings are equipped with an additional sealing element on both sides of the device, usually, PTFE, nitrile, or fluoroelastomer, and have ring-shaped and full-face designs (E-type and F-type). O-type gasket is made of phenolic and G-10 material.

      The material of the insulating sleeve is polyethylene or phenolic by default.