Four of the very expensive Steam trading cards

  • The Steam trading card is an unusual addition to the Steam market. In the course of the game, a single game can drop up to 50 % of the number of cards. The other half should be collected by trading or buying available in the market. When dealing with online markets, individuals are very happy to list high-money items.

    Fast Destroyer
    This is regarded as an expensive card, along with the price is slightly more than $1,900. At least this can be a foil card, turning it into rare. The card derives from the Infinite Tank game, along with the content is referred to as balanced speed and mobility and powerful firepower. If you don’t want to do tedious Steam Level Up work, then you can buy Cheap Steam Level Up on

    Bank Turn
    Rocket Ski Racing has launched a foil version of Banked Turn. This is a surprisingly sparse card without having an explanation. Rocket Ski Racing was already released in 2016 there are currently no comments. Players race with friends in relentless high-speed races, plus the speed increases after each lap.

    Crystal Caverns
    Although it isn't the most expensive card, the Crystal Caverns aluminum foil card bills you a lot on your wallet. The card comes from the overall game of the gods and sells for about $0.25. The Will of the Gods is a 4-year-old strategic arcade game with positive reviews. Players are one-on-one gods, and they try to guide as many people as possible to their temple while punishing those who follow another god.

    Hooligan Sister D  
    Hooligan Sister D of Mighty Switch Force! The Academy is an unexpectedly popular and valuable card. Powerful switching Force! The actual worth of the card exceeds $6. Its value dropped sharply and steadily, the initial price was greater than $30. Hooligan Sister D is considered the most valuable card on our list.
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