McCown has performed well for Chicago But Cutler

  • "In the situation in which there is a clear confusion over the status of the down Mut 24 Coins, play must have been stopped prior third down and the proper down should have been communicated to both clubs. It should have happened regardless of the fact that Washington did not have any timeouts. it took less than the two-minute time limit."

    Jay Cutler is reportedly targeting the week 14 return of his ankle injury, but his status for next Monday is not expected to be decided until later this week. Bears Head coach Marc Trestman said Cutler remains "week-to-week."

    The Bears are scheduled to resume practice on Thursday and Cutler's participation levels could go a long way in determining the team's status against Dallas. If he's able to practice in a limited way it could mean he's likely to return on Monday. However, if not, it could turn out to be Josh McCown getting another start for the Bears.

    McCown has performed well for Chicago But Cutler's absence is evident by the scores. The Bears typically score 29 point per game in games in which Cutler begins and 22.8 PPG when they are started by McCown.

    A new footage illustrates Mike Tomlin taking a step toward the sideline

    Mike Tomlin has been the center of controversy after allegedly interfering in an Baltimore kick return this week. Tomlin stated that he was watching the action on the jumbotron and did not know where he was on the field. A new video seems to show Tomlin walking towards the field and causing Jones to turn.

    The Madden NFL 24 review is underway of the incident Madden 24 Coins Buy. Steelers safety Ryan Clark said there was no intention from Tomlin and John Harbaugh and the Ravens are moving forward from the incident.