An Minnesota judge is directing that the Madden NFL 24

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    An Minnesota judge is directing that the Madden NFL 24 Players Association lawsuit filed on behalf of Tom Brady be transferred to Manhattan according to Daniel Kaplan of SportMadden 24usiness Journal. According to the Madden NFL 24PA has filed a lawsuit against the Madden NFL 24 in behalf of Brady in a bid to get rid of his four-game suspension which was imposed in the Madden NFL 24 in connection with his part in DeflateGate which was affirmed when the league appealed on Tuesday.

    After announcing that Brady's suspension was granted, the league filed a request to the federal judge in New York to affirm Goodell's decision. Because that filing happened first that day, the Minnesota judge ordered Brady's transfer. United States district judge Richard Kyle said in a statement that "This judge does not see any need for this move to take place on its own in Minnesota," according to Mike Garafolo of Fox Sports.

    "Indeed, the court sees no reason for this case to be commenced in Minnesota at all," says Kyle, via Garafolo. "Brady plays for a team from Massachusetts and the Union is located at Washington, D.C.; the Madden NFL 24 is headquartered within New York; the arbitration proceedings took place New York and the award was announced from New York."

    The Madden NFL 24PA plans to refile its lawsuit against the Madden NFL 24 immediately on Thursday, in Manhattan Cheap Madden 24 Coins, according to Albert Breer of the Madden NFL 24 Network.