You'll usually be at the side of the arena slamming

  • You are stuck in a hodge without effort to get removed by a great rep friend WoTLK Classic Gold. We are now onto the arguably best healer in all of wrath enlisting. We're talking about the infamous Holy Paladin. Being an edge Bala you're the top healing defender in the game. With a vast arsenal of tools that will ensure that you and your team stay alive.

    You'll usually be at the side of the arena slamming the team with your heels and making sure they stay in the game. You have the highest amount of raw healing out of the four healers, by a longshot along with freedom, blessing of protection and four ways to break your way out of CC with Divine Shield trinket blessing a sacrifice and hand of sacrifice.

    These not only allow for courageous CC on you, but reduces the damage that your team suffers by one tonne.

    Your aura of concentration is strong, which means you very compatible with any caster in the game. In addition, you possess aura control, you are able to allow your the entire team to be completely free casting for the six seconds , thereby avoiding all silences and the tics.

    You can spell any CC in the game , except for curses that include physical, as you can apply blessing and protection on your team members to take away the kidney shot blind, or let them go for any kind of a physical slow such as hamstring beam of light also allows you healing two target at same at the same time, allowing you to get a good amount of healing to multiple targets on your team's holy Paladins as well as virtually every other best in the game because the amount of torture you endure is enormous and your healing power is that high.

    Why you would want to play a Holy Paladin is because you love casting heels and aren't in a hurry. It will give you tremendous healing power and utility to keep your team in good health. Although you may not like playing the role of a Holy Paladin is because you are almost without healing effects and solely rely on Spike healing, and in conjunction with your sacred shield buy WoTLK Gold. As a result, you'll get removed frequently because the other team knows that your shield is sacred and needs to be cleansed.