How To Make Your Bleached Wigs Look Natural

  • Before we start to Bleached Knots Wigs, we need to understand what they are. If you look at the wig’s lace cap, you’ll notice that there’re some knots coming from where the hair strands are tied to it. These are what we call the wig knots. They play an integral role in ensuring that the hair strands don't fall off from the lace. Suppose you were unaware, there're two main types of knots; double knots and single knots.


    Why Should We Bleach Knots on Our Lace Front Wigs?

    Bleaching the knots on a lace front wig will give the wig a more natural look. Bleached Wigs will give a look as if the hair is coming out of your scalp. There are other ways to get a more natural look without having to bleach the lace. The other option is concealer or foundation.


    Using concealer or foundation is an easy way to make the wig have a natural look. You will use the concealer or foundation to coat the knots on the lace which will make them less visible. This way is easier and allows for change if you are not satisfied with the results from the concealer or foundation. This process is temporary so that makes it easier to change. A great way for beginners.


    Bleached Knot Wigs: Before And After

    It's possible to either bleach or leaves your wigs unbleached. Either way, it's imperative to know what you'll get afterward. There's a huge difference between a bleached and an unbleached knot.


    Right from the package, a wig with Bleaching Knots On Wig will tend to look more natural. These bleached knots will resemble the color of your skin. Thus, if you put on the wig on your head, it’ll look like the hair is coming right from your scalp. Now, you understand why many people choose to bleach their wig knots.


    Nevertheless, you should understand that bleaching the knots might make them weaker. Suppose your knots get weak, the chances are that they’ll shed easily. You need to know this fact before starting to bleach the knots.


    Unbleached knots, though don't look natural, are stronger and less prone to shedding. They have some black dots that will only make your hair look unnatural. It doesn't sound right, but it's okay if that's how you like your wig.


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