Details of Plastic Cutlery Tray

  •   Details of Plastic Cutlery Tray

      Plastic Cutlery Tray allows you to always keep your kitchen in order. Our Plastic Cutlery Tray provides a dedicated slot for each piece of tableware.

      Plastic Cutlery Tray is made of sturdy and durable plastic, its size is specially designed for most types of kitchen drawing boards, and has four concave compartments for storing forks, knives, spoons, and teaspoons. It can be easily wiped clean and disinfected when needed. These Plastic Cutlery Trays can also be displayed at dinner time to effectively equip diners. When empty, the trays are fully stackable, minimizing the space required for storage. Add durable and reliable functions to busy canteens or kitchens.

      Plastic Adjustable Leg is also our product, welcome to consult and purchase.