Kitchen Pvc Skirting Board that is neither heat-resistant nor f

  •   At present, there are mainly two types of Kitchen Pvc Skirting Board in the market: hollow board and foam. The difference is simple. As the name suggests, the first one is hollow, so it is light and economical. The PVC foam board is thicker and stronger than the hollow board.

      Features of PVC kitchen

      We recommend using foam boards for sturdy kitchens, as hollow boards are neither heat-resistant nor fire-resistant. Foam boards are generally insulated and fairly fire-resistant. They are also non-toxic, chemical, and corrosion-resistant materials, which can provide you with a hygienic working environment.

      Design and installation

      PVC kitchen materials are available as ready-to-use panels that do not require finishing. There are many colors to choose from, you don't need to think about laminates or additional components to make it look beautiful. Because of their lightweight, workers can work easily. However, for PVC foam boards, correct professional knowledge is required, because improper finishing may cause irreversible damage to the cabinet.

      When it comes to sturdiness, it is definitely the foam board you must buy because it can withstand a heavier weight compared to other PVC variants. However, this is an ideal choice for renting a house and is a small investment because the cabinet will sag over time and will not solve the damage problem.

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