Electric Drinking Water Pump Installed Under The Counter

  •   Having hot water dispensers in the office or at home is a great way to have instant tea, hot chocolate and other hot beverages. As there are few parts to the home appliance, if it runs into problems you can likely troubleshoot it without issue.

      Problem With Water Temperature

      An instant hot Electric Drinking Water Pump wholesales should heat quickly and to boiling temperature. If the hot water is no longer hot enough, it may mean the tank reservoir is empty (this works similarly to hot water tanks). Wait 20 minutes and it should correct itself. If this does not solve the problem, then the filaments in the boiling system might be damaged and need repairing or replacing.

      If the water is too hot it may be because steam has built up inside the reservoir. The thermostat may also be off as well. Both require professional assistance to correct the problem.

      Odd Taste

      If the water tastes odd it likely is because mildew has built up inside the device. Clean the tank weekly in order to to prevent this from happening.


      Hot water dispensers installed under the counter are often plugged into a wall socket that supplies power to the unit as well as other kitchen appliances like a washer, dryer, microwaves and ice machine.

      Always check to ensure that there is proper power supply because a simple thing like a disconnection in power supply could be the reason why the dispenser is not working. Also, check if the socket is working and if there is power coming to the fuse, that is, the power supply could be your problem.

      Overload switch

      An overload can also result in your unit not working as it should. Perhaps you have plugged in vent hoods, a trash compactor and refrigerator at the same time with your hot water dispenser.

      The best thing to do is to check if there is an overload in the wall socket then reset it by pressing.

      Too Hot Water

      If the water coming from the dispenser is too hot, you can solve this by changing and setting temperature of the unit’s thermostat.

      If it has poor pressure, then there could be an obstruction in the coming water. It is recommended that you check if the valve is open properly.

      Will Not Function

      Check the outlets and the power settings. If everything appears to be correct it means there is an internal problem and repairs are necessary.

      If you are having problems with your hot water dispenser, you can order replacement parts or have a certified appliance technician come to your home or office to repair the device.

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