How to Find the Right Replacement Lotion Pump Clip Lock for You

  •   So, you’ve got some liquid soap bottles or old shampoo bottles that you want to refill and reuse.

      Or maybe you’ve purchased a bottle and want to replace the Lotion Pump Clip Lock or cap it came with.

      That’s great! Way to reuse what you already have!

      The only problem is the pump that comes with the bottle. It may have been useful for whatever came in the bottle originally, but it’s not quite right for your shampoo, conditioner or liquid soap that you want to put in the bottle now.

      Or maybe your bottle is great, but it didn’t come with a pump.

      No problem.

      If it’s a standard size bottle, chances are, there’s a pump that works with it.

      But, there are a lot of considerations when choosing an appropriate pump for your refillable bottle. What size do you need? Will it work for lotions or soaps? Are there any construction specifications that you need to be aware of? Does it matter if it’s plastic or metal? And so on.


      Before we get into the specifics on how to choose the right pump, it’s important to understand a little about how bottle pumps are made, how the pieces work together, and how complex they can really be.

      You may think a pump for a refillable bottle is a simple machine, but in fact, it’s quite complex.

      Take a look at this photo of one of our most common pumps we use on our refillable shampoo, conditioner and liquid soap bottles.

      Notice there are a lot of small parts that must work in concert with one another to ultimately deliver soap into your hand once you’ve pressed the pump.

      Each color in this photo represents a separate piece of the pump.

      There’s even a tiny glass ball at the bottom of the interior of the pump that, along with the spring, piston, and stem, helps to regulate the flow of liquids through the mechanism.

      For a really great article explaining how lotion pumps work, see What’s Inside a Lotion Pump and How Does it Work?

      Do you see the slim tube inside the spring?

      That slim piece of plastic is keeping your shampoo from coming in contact with the spring so it doesn’t become corroded over time.

      Pretty cool right?

      And the lime green sliver that’s under the top of the closure is the round gasket that fits all the way around the closure to ensure a tight fit and prevent any leaking.

      And this is just a sneak peek into the complexity and mechanics of a lotion pump.

      So with this knowledge in mind, let’s move on to some of the considerations when purchasing the perfect pump for your refillable bottle.


      A closure (i.e. a pump, fitting or cap for bottles) is typically defined by two measurements: the neck opening dimension and the threading size dimension.

      They’re usually defined in millimeters and reported together with a hyphen or forward slash separator.

      That number can be shown as either 24/410 or 24-410.

      Any pump or cap with these dimensions will fit onto our bottles with that opening size.

      So How Do You Find the Neck Opening and Threading Measurements of Your Refillable Bottle?

      First, you need to find the neck opening measurement of the bottle you have or the one(s) you’re looking to purchase.

      If you purchased your bottle off the drugstore shelf, you may not know what the opening measurement is.

      You can try to measure with a measuring tape, but it needs to be really precise because millimeters are difficult to see precisely, and even one millimeter off will change the pump size needed to fit onto your bottle.

      Then you need to get the threading dimension of your bottle.

      This one will be tricky if you’re not familiar with common threading dimensions.

      Some of the most common threading dimensions for household bottles with small openings are 400, 410 and 415.

      You don’t really need to know what the number refers to.

      You just need to be able to visualize the difference.

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