Life Cycle Of Beverage Bottle


    Plastic water bottles are wasteful, expensive, and harmful to the environment. Time for a change!
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    The impact of Beverage Bottle on the environment
    Plastic water bottles are one of the most wasteful products we use. Every plastic water bottle needs to consume huge resources and energy to manufacture. Dealing with them will bring a whole new set of problems to the environment.

    Regardless of the product itself, each stage of the bottle's life cycle requires it to be transported from one location to another, burning large amounts of fuel and releasing toxic greenhouse gases during transportation. In addition to the pollution caused by bottles, they also require three times as much water as the bottles themselves to produce and recycle.

    Life stages of plastic bottles
    Note the number of times your bottle must be moved from one location to another.

    – The crude oil is extracted from the soil and then transported to the refinery for processing. The refined oil is then transported to the plastic factory.
    – In the factory, a chemical process is used to convert oil into plastic, which is then formed into bottles.
    – The bottles are then transported to the bottling plant for filling and packaging.
    – From the bottling plant, the bottles are transported to the store where you bought them, most commonly, load them into your car and drive home.
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    – The waste management service picks up the bottle. As many as 90% of them go to landfills or the ocean, where they will stay for hundreds of years.
    – The rest will go to the recycling center, where more energy is used for sorting, melting and remanufacturing bottles into other products. These products themselves cannot be recycled, so they will eventually be landfilled.
    How to reduce the damage of plastic water bottles to the environment
    Not only is bottled water harmful to the environment in almost every way, but for you (the consumer), bottled water is ultimately more expensive than safer and cleaner alternatives.

    A good solution to this problem is to install a whole house water filtration system. By turning every faucet in your home into a source of clean, delicious filtered drinking water, you can completely eliminate your reliance on bottled water. Not only will you help the planet, but you will also save money in the long run. Of course, protecting the environment is not only to protect a part, but also other bottles to be recycled. Plastic Cosmetic Bottles is also one of them. After all, this is the type of bottle we often use.