Coarse Hair Treatment- How To Soften Coarse Hair

  • If you have coarse hair then you know that very well this hair can be a little hard to manage. Because coarse hair typically feels youth in the texture. The coarse hair is having thicker hair strands.

    Well one of the concerns of this hair type, is usually associated with frizz, stubbornness, and dryness that make them challenging to control.

    If you are looking for how to manage and soften coarse hair and best hairstyles for thick coarse hair then keep reading this blog.

    What Is Coarse Hair? 

    Coarse hair is having thick strands as compared to the other hair types. The surface of coarse hair is the broadest and largest margin of any different hair types.

    This is one of the reasons why the haircut for the thick coarse hair varies. Unlike light or medium hair, coarse hair includes all three films of the hairstreak, cortex, medulla, and cuticle.

    But having coarse hair doesn’t mean that your hair is hard to manage or style. When you manage these thick strands properly to hold a curl or style well then they look healthy, strong, and thick.

    There are also some assumptions that coarse hair is always thick and curly, but that is not true. Because coarse hair refers to the width of the individual strands of the hair.

    If a single strand of your hair between the fingers feels thick then it is probably coarse. One of another, comparisons is if a single strand of the hair is against a strand of all the purpose sewing thread.

    If your hair is thicker than the sewing thread then it is coarse hair. The coarseness doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with the shape, curl, straight, soft, dry, texture, or thickness of the hair.

    The thickness of hair measures how much hair you have, but not the width of the individual strand. Thick hairs have more active hair follicles and also a greater concentration of the hair follicle in general on the scalp.

    It is possible to have thin, coarse, or less hair with wide strands. Many of the people are rocking with the coarse hair but styling them properly. But the key, as with most types of hair is knowing how to take care of hair.

    How To Define Coarse Hair?

    Having shiny, silky, soft, and luminous hair is one of the common goals of everyone. But due to aging, poor hair, lack of nutrients, and healthy diets your delicate hair cuticles get damaged.

    With time the hair can lead to the damage and dryness if the natural oil from the hair gets stripped.

    But before you think about caring for your hair, first you need to determine the type of your hair and then the hair texture.

    Well, there are mainly three factors that are essential for determining the hair type. There are density, diameter, and elasticity of the hair. 



    1. Diameter 

    Well, you cannot just determine the diameter of the hair by just looking or staring at the hair. For finding out if your hair is fine, medium, or coarse just hold a hair strand between your fingers.

    If you cannot feel the hair strand between your finger hair, then you have fine-textured hair. While if you easily feel your hair strand between the fingers, then you have a medium texture of hair.

    If you distinctly feel the presence of your rough hair strand between the fingers then you have coarse hair. 



    2. Density 

    One of the cuts and dried definitions of coarse hair is the hair strand is rough to the touch. With the African-American hair then this can mean hair that’s also thicker than the other types of hair.

    To determine your hair type, figuring out the density of the hair is also another way. For this just grab the handful of your hair and pull them one side then check the visible your scalp is.

    If your hair is fine then you can clearly see your scalp. If your hair is medium, then your scalp will be somewhat visible. While your thick hair, then your scalp will not be visible at all.