6 important tips in Escape from Tarkov [version 12.9]

  • Escape from Tarkov is now version 12.9. In the latest version, many places have been updated. In this guide,  6 important tips in Escape from Tarkov [version 12.9] will be described in detail.

    Tip 1: Now everything is only temporary
    First of all, let me talk to you now that "Escape from Tarkov" is still in beta. The different price versions currently launched are all in beta. There are Standard edition, left behind edition, prepare for escape edition and. Standard edition is the basic account, Edge of darkness limited edition is the premium account, the edge of darkness limited edition has privileges in future updates, all DLC is free, and now everything you get will disappear when the public beta, so say Now it’s okay as long as you run the map well, back down the map and wait until it is officially launched, it will always be rewarded. I advise everyone not to buy Tarkov roubles online, why will I talk about it later!

    Tip 2: PMC and SCAV
    A brief introduction to scav, in my opinion, is the meaning of human-machine, meaning that you use this character to play human-machine, of course, sometimes play the player, depending on luck how to distinguish whether you are playing human-machine or player, generally look equipment. If most of the backpacks play human-machine, if you play human-machine, there is a high probability that you will not be attacked by human-machine because you are partners, but if you shoot them, they will also shoot you.

    PMC is a PVP multiplayer online confrontation, in this mode, everyone is an enemy, just see someone shooting!

    Tip 3: Will the game be on steam
    Many people will ask how to download this game, and whether it will be sold on steam. At present, downloading games can directly enter the official website. It is currently impossible to sell and download games on steam, but it may be sold on steam later, so everyone also can wait for the steam to be purchased.

    Tip 4: Don't be okay to challenge the boss "male group"
    At present, the bosses I know are the "male group" in the dormitory building and the "male group" in the reserve station. As an old player, I think if your skills are not good enough and the number is not enough, it is best not to provoke the boss. If you can hear the voice of talking in the dormitory building is basically a "male group", so it is best to go around, because their firepower is really fierce, and there is a self-locking lock plug.

    Tip 5: It’s always wrong to buy more insurance
    There is insurance in this game, that is, if you sacrifice on the battlefield, if you have insurance, and the person who killed you did not take your items, the trading market will help you get your items back. It has been around for 24 hours. I usually ensure some armor helmets and the like. Anyway, I have not insured a gun. Because the gun is the most important, many people will definitely take the gun away, and the insurance is not expensive. The helmet is more than 10,000, the armor is more than 10,000, and only needs to insure more than 2,000 rubles. Don't waste it!

    Tip 6: Don’t buy rubles online even if you don’t have money
    This game is definitely a great game, but because many new players will die when they come up, die, die, the mentality will be bad, watching the warehouse has fewer and fewer guns, and there are fewer and fewer rules, there will be a need The urge to buy currency, but I am here to tell you that the title of this game is cruel, don't overpay, and I also recommend some methods to you, that is, more man-machines, one game in 18 minutes. Then I will play once every 18 minutes, pile up the warehouse, and find some good friends to form a team together, which will be better. If you really need to buy Rouble, I hope you can find a regular platform, like the EZNPC website to ensure that your account will not be blocked.

    Finally, This is a 6-point suggestion from an old Escape from Tarkov player. I hope everyone can keep in mind that the main thing in the shootout game is your marksmanship. If necessary, you can open the shooting range of the shelter and practice slowly.